The industry standard for foam prototyping

Our prototype teams bring your ideas to life. And, with world-class knowledge, experience and insights, we save you significant time and money, too.

Our foam-skiving artisans shape foam into the highest quality seating designs available. Our teams offer complete technical talent and services to meet the full range of your foam prototyping needs, including:

  • Full skive prototypes from initial drawings
  • Modifications to molded prototype pads to save the time and cost of modifying prototype tooling
  • Changes to production pads while tools are off-line being modified

When our customers come to our facility and thank us for everything our foam prototyping teams did, we’ve got to believe we’re doing something right. Let us show you what we can do for you.

The industry standard for soft trim prototyping

Supported by knowledgeable soft trim technicians with extensive industry experience, our soft trim department will develop any pattern or sewing procedure required by your design.

We’ll create new patterns from your drawings, change existing patterns or sew trim covers using existing designs. Whether you need a one-of-a-kind show seat, a small-run production, or even a full-scale manufacturing plan – Tachi-S has you covered.

Our trained and experienced technicians can recommend assembly procedures to improve production efficiencies for the soft trim and final assembly operations. Additionally, if you’re looking for soft trim cutting services, we’ll digitize and cut to your patterns – whether it’s for a development lot or short run production.

In short, we’ll get you to market a lot quicker – more confidently and more economically than you ever thought possible.
We’re Tachi-S. We keep your seating systems on track.