Superior Seating Systems and Services

Tachi-S has a 60-year history of delivering industry-leading expertise and capabilities. We work with major automakers as an independent seat supplier, delivering 3.8 complete seats and over 4 million in total seat components to the global market each year. Seats are becoming more important as a key inspirational element in the presentation of a car. As a seat manufacturing company, Tachi-S hopes to continue delivering an inspiring experience for its customers.

Tachi-S has synergistic business and manufacturing teams from around the world. Our joint ventures and technical collaboration with companies in Europe, Asia, Mexico and throughout North America bring world-class technology and the most advanced engineering and manufacturing to every project – from initial concept through final production.



Design and Development

We collaborate with our customers in the design phase to ensure that seat components can be properly assembled to fit perfectly and match the characteristics of the seat. We integrate components, structures, mechanisms, foam, fabric, and trim to work together flawlessly. We create and design seats with efficiency, consistency, high-quality, and cost optimization- and we have the experience to back it. Tachi-S Co., Ltd. has become the largest independent seat supplier in Japan, supplying to nine of the eleven Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) in Japan. Our globally standard core components and manufacturing processes save time and money, reduce risk, and contribute to successful product launches.

Industry-leading foam prototyping

Our prototype teams bring ideas to life. And, with world-class knowledge, experience and insights, we save significant time and money, too. In short, we get the customer to market a lot quicker and with the best in comfort, safety, and sustainability.

Advanced Prototype Lab Capabilities For Foam:

  • Full skive prototypes from drawings
  • Modifications to molded prototype pads to save time and cost of modifying prototype tooling
  • Changes to production pads while tools are off-line being modified


Industry-leading soft trim prototyping

Our trained and experienced technicians can recommend assembly procedures to improve production efficiencies for the soft trim and final assembly operations. We also offer soft trim cutting services, and we can digitize and cut to the customers’ patterns – whether it’s for a development lot or short run production. We deliver a look and feel that make a difference in the marketplace. Trim significantly enhances the appearance and comfort that attract car buyers. After all, it’s what the consumer sees and touches when seated inside the vehicle. Our global fabric and trim design studios offer innovative patterns, colors and effects, providing unique styles to build vehicle brand identity.

Advanced Prototype Lab Capabilities for Trim:

  • Soft Trim Pattern Development
  • Soft Trim Pattern Digitizing & Cutting
  • Trim & Complete Seat Assembly For Pre-Production Prototype Events
  • Development of Manufacturing Assembly Procedures to Improve Production Efficiencies

Complete in-house testing with results you can trust

Safety is our primary concern. Our test equipment and evaluation procedures are designed to meet today’s industry standards. More importantly, our testing parameters are designed to meet the customers’ requirements, schedule and budget. Tachi-S has invested millions of dollars to ensure that our A2LA Mechanically Accredited testing facility provides the safest, most reliable test results for our customers. (Certificate Number: 0755.01)

We know timing is critical. If your schedule can’t be met, we’ll tell you that up front. It’s one of the many things our customers appreciate. When we commit to a schedule, we hold to it.

We offer maximum flexibility to support all your testing requirements. You can rest assured knowing your testing is being completed by experienced technical teams, working with regularly calibrated and independently certified equipment.


Industry-leading Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

Our CAE test setup procedures are designed to meet OEM specifications. Standard analysis procedures are followed globally for consistent results and accuracy.

  • All kinds of Static / Quasi Static Simulations – FMVSS, CMVSS, KMVSS.
  • Component level Static Simulations & Optimization – Mechanism development (Latch, Lock, Armrest, Recliner Handle)
  • All kinds of Dynamic Simulations – IIHS, JNACP, Euro-NCAP, CNCAP, Rear Impact, Frontal Impact, Luggage Retention, Side Impact.