Seating Innovations

New Technology. New Comfort. New Convenience.

Tachi-S strives to be on the cutting edge of automotive seating technology and continuously works to bring new advancements to the industry.

3D Quilting™

3D Quilting offers your automotive seating richer detail, more expression and enhanced comfort. Ordinary seat quilting has approximately 6-7 mm projection. Tachi-S 3D Quilting offers a superior projection of approximately 12-13 mm. Benefits of 3D Quilting include:

• Enhances the luxury look and feel of your seats

• Contributes to seating comfort and customer satisfaction

• Differentiates your vehicles’ seating in the marketplace


SoftShell features soft, 3D molded parts which are sewn into trim covers. Applications include:

Seat Backs | Cup Holders | Armrest Trays

Cushion Pockets | Seatbelt Buckle Holders

Benefits of Softshell include:

• No Rattling

• Enhances Appearance

• Gains 40mm Knee Space for 2nd Row

• Saves Cost—Eliminates Back Panel Part, Installation

• Reduces Weight—No Plastic Substrate, Push Pins

Glue Anchor™

Glue Anchor is a unique partial adhesion assembly of the automotive seat trim cover and pad that eliminates the need for conventional hog-ring tie downs.

Benefits of Glue Anchor include:

• Enhances Appearance with Concave Shapes & Non-Straight Lines

• Lighter Weight

• Thinner Pad

• Better Comfort

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