Trim Covers & Components

Cut and Sew Experts

Seats, Armrests and Headrests

In addition to complete seats, Tachi-S can also provide high-quality trim covers, as well as complete seat components, such as armrests and headrests.

Teaming with the global leader in digital cutting room technology, Lectra, their operations consultants and support team collaborate with our skilled employees to better meet and exceed the demands of our automotive OEM customers by:

• Optimizing Cutting Processes

• Reducing Fabric Consumption

• Reducing Costs & Delivery Times

• Improving Workflow

• Reducing Costs & Delivery Times

Complete Cloth, Vinyl & Leather Cut and Sew Capabilities

• Trim Cover Layout

• Trim Attachments

• Cutting and Sewing

• Automatic Lectra Cutting

Digital Pattern Development

(reduced product development time by 50%)

• Lectra Design Concept 3D

• Digital Prototyping

• Design to Cost

• Design for Manufacturing

Your Global Seat System Creator

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