The History of Tachi-S
Global Seat System Creator

Sprung… from Springs

Tachi-S grew out of humble beginnings. Our company’s roots were planted in 1954, with the founding of the Tachikawa Spring Co. in Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo where it made springs for automotive seats.

As the company grew, it evolved into Tachi-S Co., Ltd. and expanded its product line to include automotive seats, frame assemblies, seat mechanisms, foam, soft trim and combining all of these components into complete seat systems.

Continued growth positioned the company to expand overseas to the Americas and in 1986, Tachi-S Engineering USA, Inc. (TSE) was established as a 100% subsidiary focused on developing and supporting the joint venture companies of Tachi-S Co., Ltd.

Further expansion led to the creation of Tachi-S Mexico (1991), Tachi-S Engineering Latin America (2012) and Tachi-S Brasil (2012).

This growth also includes several partnerships and joint ventures including Setex, Inc., TF-Metal and TechnoTrim, Inc.

Fully Seated in the Automotive World

Over time, the company has evolved into a full service design, engineering, prototyping, testing and manufacturing company for automotive seating. Our parent company, Tachi-S Co., Ltd. has since become one of the top seat suppliers in the world, supplying to nine of the eleven Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in Japan.

Our current customer list includes various OEM’s, as well as Tier 1 & Tier 2 suppliers, and this list continues to grow as we expand our business in the U.S., North America and South America.

Today, Tachi-S works hard to help automotive OEMs launch vehicles that enrich the driving experience with high-quality, functional, safe, stylish and exceptionally comfortable automotive seats.

Contact us today, to learn more about how Tachi-S can deliver the highest quality seats to meet and exceed you and your customers’ expectations.